The following lists my contributions to the web. All are non-commercial and related to my hobbies and interests.

Website - Roaming Down Under

screenshot of Roaming Down Under

This is the website I devote most of my effort to these days - I add a new page every two or three weeks. It's a travel site about "Exploring roads less travelled in the cooler parts of Australia and New Zealand", and is intended to help independent travellers looking for places worth visiting beyond the well-trodden tourist routes.

It contains heaps of my photos and experiences of places I've enjoyed ... especially places I think are worth a look but don't get a lot of attention from guide books or travel brochures. I'd love to eventually cover all of Australia and New Zealand (it's a long term project), but for now I'm focussing on the cooler southern areas which are my favourites.

Website - Graham's Paddock

screenshot of Graham's Paddock

This is the personal site I began in 1999. It hasn't been updated for a long time, but is still online (it's hard to kill something that still brings in advertising dollars). Content includes:


Vimeo logo

This is where I upload the videos used in my travel website. I tried YouTube first, but intrusive advertising and the inappropriate blocking of some videos with background music by over-zealous copyright algorithms led me to look elsewhere. This worked out well - I found Vimeo to be better in many ways.

The videos in my Vimeo channel also appear here on the Videos page.


Twitter logo

This Twitter account exists mainly to announce when I've added something new to my Roaming Down Under website. I might occasionally tweet or re-tweet something relevant to the themes of my website, but mostly it's just a way for people to keep up to date with new content I publish. Like an RSS feed, but more people use Twitter these days.

For the observant and detail-oriented: my Twitter account name is missing a "g" because account names are limited to 15 characters, and RoamingDownUnder has 16. Omitting the g was preferable to the alternatives available.

That's it! I'm not on Facebook or any other social network ... there are plenty of other people with my name, but they are not me.

Vimeo and Twitter logos are from their respective company websites.