My head

I am a male of average height living in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. In a previous life I worked in information technology doing PC tech support and network admin. Nowadays I'm a library technician in the field of health research. Sometimes I have facial hair.

My hobbies and interests include reading, photography, travel, hiking, roasting coffee, writing and minimalist web design. I’ve travelled extensively in the southern halves of Australia and New Zealand, with the goal of eventually visiting every part of these countries. I've also visited the US and Canada, and would love to add Antarctica to the list. Long-term goals include walking the whole of Western Australia's Bibbulmun Track, and finishing writing a novel.

I am a Christian which, contrary to common belief, does not preclude one from having a sense of humour, fun, and diverse interests. It was scientific curiosity in diverse and unusual things which led me to amass the world's largest collection of navel lint, for which I hold a Guinness world record. Quirky? Yes, but more fun than being "normal".