Me on snowshoes

Greetings and welcome.

Many humans share the name Graham Barker. I'm the middle-aged one who lives in Perth, Western Australia, and who holds a Guinness world record. The About page tells a little more.

I have a couple of websites and other web presences - the Websites page describes them, and where they can be found.

The Videos page has details of the online videos I've started dabbling with; they can be viewed here.

If you've come across a photo with the watermark text "©" on it (usually small and discretely placed near the bottom), then that photo is probably mine. The photos I post online are marked that way even when they appear on my other sites (having the authors name and a contact web address combined into one bit of text is convenient).

Mt King William, Tasmania

I'm happy for people to use these photos for non-commercial purposes without asking my permission. This includes things like school projects, blogs, social media. All I ask is that you acknowledge me as the author and leave the watermark text in place.

If using online, linking to whichever of my websites it came from is appreciated, but not necessary. For usage requiring higher resolutions, such as books or calendars, please contact me.

Not surprisingly, the Contact page has details of how to contact me.